Redemption Rye

Classic Straight American Rye Whiskey

We start with a mash-bill of 95% premium rye and age it for over two years in new charred oak barrels.  Once properly aged we bottle it at a bold 92 proof - perfect to stand up on its own in any cocktail or by itself in your favorite glass. 

Redemption High-Rye Bourbon
Straight American Bourbon Whiskey

We think you can never have too much rye, so our High-Rye Bourbon mash-bill approaches the upper limit of allowable rye grain in a bourbon mash-bill.  Bottled at 92 proof the dry spiciness of the rye balances the sweetness of the corn for a really wonderful sipping experience on its own or in classic cocktail recipes.
38.2% Premium Rye
1.8% Barley Malt
60% Corn